A Halloween Seed Scam

How festive!

A BLUE pumpkin!

How unexpected, how fun!


It is a Chinese scam.

The seller “Dominiquer” seems to be based in China and every single product they sell has horrible reviews. They all state the same sequence of events…

  • Takes 6 weeks to arrive in the US
  • Confiscated by Customs OR
  • Seeds arrived, but are so beaten to a pulp they’re worthless OR
  • They’re a completely different plant OR
  • There’s nothing inside the package at all

If you would like a fun pumpkin that actually exists in nature I suggest you try some Eden Brother’s pumpkin seeds… You can find their pumpkin seed selection here: https://www.edenbrothers.com/store/pumpkin_seeds.html

The fun doesn’t stop there though! There are some spoopy rose seeds you can buy with your fake blue pumpkin seeds!

120PCS Seed Rarest White Blood Rose Plant Flower Seeds Flower Garden Asaka Rare True Blood Rose seed


That image is a white rose with a photo filter on it.

It’s a crappy photoshop job and is exactly the same scam as with the pumpkin… where the seeds come from China, are absolute crap, and either wont grow at all or else it’ll be a squash.

This is not real. All roses available in commerce are grown from cuttings. Roses don’t breed true.

I’m a retired horticulturist. I know.



It seems gardening scams are just as common on Amazon as photography gear scams are. I guess when you’re that large of a company it’s difficult to keep up with everything.


Buyer beware!

As a reminder, I am not compensated for these posts in any way and do not have a business relationship with either Amazon or any sellers mentioned. I also do not know 100% that the Amazon sellers mentioned are explicit scams, all I know is their behavior is incredibly suspicious and genuinely looks like a scam.

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