Breck’s Bulb Pricing / Coupon Weirdness

There’s a reason I talk about this stuff…

I don’t want anyone to be taken for a ride, or scammed, or whatever…

So let’s talk about Breck’s coupon weirdness.

By applying a “$25 off any $50+ order” coupon you apparently no longer get their fall sale pricing.

So the price of a package of three Stargazer Lily bulbs increases from $11.29 each to $16.99 each. That’s ~ $5.60 per bulb… so much for cheap lilies.

Let me rephrase that, by using what is basically a Brecks 50% off coupon… you actually pay ~ 50% more per lily. 

You also, for god knows what reason, pay more for shipping the exact same number of bulbs.

So again, by using a Breck’s coupon my order total increased from $69.40 to $76.90.

I highly suggest you price out your order at Brecks before applying ANY coupon, then write the total down, and try applying a coupon to see if you’ll pay more or less.

Be careful out there!

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