The President’s Book Club – Mark Judge’s Books

Alright, so this book wasn’t directly recommended by the President… this is an honorary mention / addition to the reading list since it’s unfortunately relevant.

Mark Judge’s small time books have, because of that Kavanaugh fellow’s nomination to be a Supreme Court Justice and his following tantrum, have become a highly sought after item.

So much so that Mark’s book about his time at George Town prep was briefly selling for $600 on Amazon.

Judge’s God and Man at Georgetown Prep is now selling at a much more modest $35 but oh boy…

His stories about being drunk are now listed for $2000 at Amazon.

I fully expect the Donald Trump to randomly tweet about how Judge is either a loser who shouldn’t be believed because of his books (‘look at his bad books!‘) or that his books somehow prove Kavanaugh is an angel sent by god.

Anyways, if you’ve got the money crack those books open and share with us the relevant bits!

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