Breck’s Iris Bulbs – What’s the Better Deal

So everyone, it’s time to play What’s the Better Deal!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything… I’m just going to do some maths for you because I am so sick and tired of asinine schemes to confuse consumers into paying more for less.

So at Breck’s you can get 25 Discovery Dutch Iris bulbs for $5.99, or 50 bulbs for $13.59, or 250 bulbs for $39.99.


Something seems off about that.

Lets see, if you ordered two 25 packs of iris bulbs you’d pay $11.98. Which is $1.60 less than if you ordered a 50 bulb pack.

That’s not odd at all!

Let’s take a look at per bulb pricing…

Breck’s Iris Bulb PacksPricePrice per bulb
25 bulbs5.99 ~ 23 cents 
50 bulbs13.59~ 27 cents
250 bulbs39.99~ 15 cents

So overall, a 250 bulb iris package is the cheapest on a per unit basis.

If you do not need 250 bulbs then it’s cheaper to order multiples of the 25 pack.

Maths! Saving the day once again!

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