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A SECOND Painting of Donald Trump Bought by Donald Trump’s Charity

how does that happen… how do you buy multiple portraits of yourself… with charity money…

It happened in 2014, during a gala at Mar-a-Lago that raised money for Unicorn Children’s Foundation — a Florida charity that helps children with developmental and learning disorders.

The gala’s main event was a concert by Jon Secada. But there was also an auction of paintings by Havi Schanz, a Miami Beach-based artist.

One was of Marilyn Monroe. The other was a four-foot-tall portrait of Trump: a younger-looking, mid-’90s Trump, painted in acrylic on top of an old architectural drawing.

Trump bought it for $10,000.

…a check came from the Trump Foundation. Trump himself gave nothing, according to Sharon Alexander, the executive director of the charity.

Trump’s staff did not respond to questions about where that second painting is now. Alexander said she had last seen it at Trump’s club.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-used-258000-from-his-charity-to-settle-legal-problems/2016/09/20/adc88f9c-7d11-11e6-ac8e-cf8e0dd91dc7_story.html

Here we go again!

It is honestly amazing to me that anybody would purchase a painting of Donald Trump (I’d say the same about most public figures).

What is more amazing is that Donald Trump’s charity has purchased TWO portraits of Donald Trump… With charity money. As mentioned previously here at Pink Ink, Donald Trump’s charity had paid for a portrait of Donald Trump in 2007. Now apparently in 2014 they did the same thing and purchased that second portrait with charity money… How could anybody involved with the Trump charity or the other charity at the event think that this was a good idea or ethically acceptable? I do not know.

What we do now know is that the going price for a portrait of Donald Trump is $10,000 of charitable funds!!!


Ethics, a thing people think they have but don’t actually have.

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