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Today’s Episode of Don’t Say That – Murder in Jordan.

id say something snarky but death is a solemn occasion…

Nahid Hattar, a Christian, was hit by three bullets outside the court in the capital Amman where he was standing trial, state news agency Petra said.
Mr Hattar’s killer was arrested and police are investigating the killing, TV reports said.
The writer was detained in August for 15 days on charges of insulting God.
The cartoon he shared depicts a bearded man lying in bed with two women and smoking, asking God to bring him a drink.
Mr Hattar was attacked on social media for being anti-Islam.


A man was murdered because of a picture. A man’s life is over because somebody got upset and thought it was okay to kill somebody for saying something that they didn’t like. Boo fucking hoo.

There is nothing gained here. There is no point to be made, no comparison to find any true comfort in, seeing a connection between the violence Mr Hattar died from and the violence that other’s have suffered from because of similar cartoons won’t help. Another voice has simply fallen silent.

may he find peace


Update (9/26/2016)

“The murder of Hattar targets democracy and diversity in our society and aims to spread darkness and terrorism,” Nidal Mansour, the president of the Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists, said in a statement. “Even though we disagree with what Nahed says or writes, this is the time to stand united against terrorism and those who killed him. They want to instill fear and silence us.”


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