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A Story of Writing and the Nintendo 64

a blast from the past !!!

The Nintendo 64 launched 20 years ago—and changed my life forever

Before any of my other odd jobs as a teenager (such as soda jerk and record store clerk), I got a job reviewing video games. I hadn’t even become an editor of my school newspaper when the Dallas Morning News agreed to pay me $25 an article to review brand-new games (and syndicated those reviews nationally).

For the backstory: in 1996, I was a fresh-faced kid who fueled his 16-bit obsession with a year of free rentals earned from my local Blockbuster’s “Video Game Championships” contest in 1993. (I won my local store’s contest again in 1994; unfortunately, I also lost both years’ “regional” contests.) That’s right around when I saw a listing in Dallas’ daily newspaper for “teenaged video game critics.” I thought I was imagining things. That’s a thing? That’s a job? For teens? Did they also need someone my age to review pizza and cargo shorts?


For you 20 year olds out there… this article from Ars will be a bit of nostalgia…

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