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Snapchat Models – Doing the Maths

it’s just an example…

So have you ever wondered how much a model can make selling access to a premium Snapchat?

Me too.

So let’s do some maths.


A popular model, lenatheplug, on Instagram has 168,000 followers.


Her premium snapchat costs $30 per month.


Now lets assume .5% of her followers on instagram converted to paying subscribers of her snapchat.


That would mean she’d have a total of 840 subscribers… (  168,000 x 0.005 = 840  )


Now 840 subscribers at $30 a month means she’d be making… $25,200 in revenue on a monthly basis (  840 x 30 = 25,200  )


Now while I’m going to assume that she makes less than that, it’s still illustrative of the potential for making money in artistic endeavors. All she would have to do is convince 840 people to buy her snapchat to be making $25,000 a month… 840… on a planet of 7 billion. 

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