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I hear equipment is what makes a photographer!!!

Honestly, the sheer volume of people complaining about the most absurd things in the comments sections of dpreview and petapixel has blown my mind…

Judging by their comments, everything is an absolute travesty…

  • Person says they like Sony cameras, call that person an idiot kid because you like Canon! Proceed to post 20 comments about how everybody, except you of course, is stupid.
  • Person says they like Sony’s new lenses, constantly post about ‘metrics’ showing that the lens is terrible. Because if I’m not judging everybody else, for things I’ve never owned, based off of arbitrary metrics… who will???
  • Person says Sony’s menu system is annoying, say “THATS WHY YOU BUY CANON :)” Because we all know that a helpful mention of a minor annoyance really needs your stupid ass comment.
  • Or how about the comments when gear is expensive “look like i need to sell a [insert kidney, house, lung, etc.]
  • In Body Image Stabilization??? “HA HA RUINED!!! ONLY CANON CAN TAKE GOOD PICTURES!!! ONLY !! ! OKAy!?”
  • Or how about those weird “*insert technology* is the future!!! everybody who doesn’t have it will be left behind!!!” comments… because we all know that singular technological features fundamentally change how everybody everywhere takes pictures.
  • “everybody who uses *insert manufacturer* just don’t know enough or don’t care picture quality”
  • “Are you professional?”
  • “Sony knows its loyal customers are not smart. They are buying at $2600 even though Canon’s is $1900. So, why not just increase even more? They will be still buying anyway ;-)” Oh my god.
  • “Do you actually have first hand experience to back up your view, or are you just repeating the anti-m4/3 mantra so common among, ahem, “expert photographers” and equivalency police?”

I can go on for days.

You would think people would know better than to behave like this.

But no.

I guess if you can’t arbitrarily judge everybody else’s equipment… what point is there to being a photographer?

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