Abandon Hollywood – The CBS Edition

cbs: lOl u caNt clAiM CopyRight infringement WE CLAIM IT FIRSTS


More childish and abusive nonsense from Hollywood! Fun!!!


CBS has sued a photographer for copyright infringement for doing something that’s practically ubiquitous in the news and entertainment business—publishing still images from a television show.

The lawsuit against New York photojournalist Jon Tannen, filed on Friday, is essentially a retaliatory strike. Tannen sued CBS Interactive in February, claiming that the online division of CBS had used two of his photographs without permission. Now, CBS has sued Tannen back, claiming that he “hypocritically” used CBS’ intellectual property “while simultaneously bringing suit against Plaintiff’s sister company, CBS Interactive Inc., claiming it had violated his own copyright.”

“Without any license or authorization from Plaintiff, Defendant has copied and published via social media platforms images copied from the ‘Dooley Surrenders’ episode of GUNSMOKE,” write CBS lawyers.

Source: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/10/cbs-sues-man-for-copyright-over-screenshots-of-59-year-old-tv-show/


CBS is suing a photographer for infringement, for using screenshots of a show being discussed, that has long been considered fair use, because the photographer was upset about images he had taken being used by CBS.


That isn’t childish at all.


There’s no point in any of this.
No merit.
Just a huge waste of time and resources.


Abandon Hollywood.

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