Errors in The Universe Simulation – The O’Reilly Example


Memo to Universe Engineers
The errors in The Universe Simulation continue to accumulate… irrational outcomes are increasing at an exponential rate… underlying code must be fixed ASAP…



O’Reilly, the man who has paid tens of millions of dollars because of “accusations” of abusive behavior, wrote a kids book with James Patterson about good manners. That is so absurd it borders on insanity.


Give Please a Chance??? Are you kidding me?????

As if O’Reilly has ever said please in his entire adult life.

You and I both know men like O’Reilly never say please and mean it. ‘Please‘ is a tool to be used to get what they want and even then it’s one rarely used because of their absurd self-image of manliness.


Oh… you can still purchase your child a book from an “accused” sexual harasser! $12 at the Amazon dot com!


For their next kids book they’re going to do one about how “No Means No”…




Personal boundaries don’t matter… at least according to O’Reilly’s behavior.


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