Age of Overlord Booster Boxes Now Double Their Original Price

Originally retailing for $84 a box, Age of Overlord booster boxes have now climbed to an impressive $179 per box… or double the initial cost.

This gain has happened steadily over the past 5 months with almost no breaks in the price gains. People who purchased at the low of $69 must be feeling pretty smart right about now. This is exactly why when you sense a permanent low price for a Yugioh booster box you have to lock that price in and purchase multiple boxes for investment and collecting purposes.

Ultimately, that’s an impressive gain for a Yugioh booster box in so little time. You have to wonder what has caused it. Is it simply supply and demand? Or have people ripped so many boxes now for the cards there’s simply little to no boxes remaining…

Anyways, it’s an impressive gain.

Now let’s ask AI about the Age of Overlord set.

The “Age of Overlord” set for Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game is a comprehensive collection that showcases a mix of new themes and support for existing archetypes. This set includes a variety of card rarities, such as Commons, Ultra Rares, and Secret Rares, some of which are available as Quarter Century Secret Rare. Highlights of this set include cards like “T.G. Rocket Salamander,” “T.G. Mighty Striker,” “T.G. Over Dragner,” and “Dark Hole Dragon,” each bringing unique abilities to bolster their respective archetypes or provide new strategies for players to explore.

For instance, “T.G. Rocket Salamander” allows for strategic summoning of “T.G.” monsters from the deck, enhancing the deck’s flexibility and responsiveness. “T.G. Mighty Striker” and “T.G. Over Dragner” focus on Synchro Summoning, pushing the boundaries of what T.G. decks can achieve on the field. On the other hand, “Dark Hole Dragon” offers a potent revival mechanism, especially in scenarios where monsters are destroyed by card effects.

Moreover, the set introduces “Angel Ring” and “Fire Back,” providing players with new equip and support options, further diversifying potential deck builds and strategies. The introduction of these cards and more in the “Age of Overlord” set promises to shake up the metagame, offering fresh tactics and encouraging players to experiment with new deck compositions.

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