Have 25th Anniversary Nostalgia Booster Boxes Reached Their Lows?

The five different 25th Anniversary nostalgia sets have all had a rough tumble down from their release prices… Now let’s see how those prices held up in the past year!

The price for:

  1. The Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon booster boxes have gone sideways. Costing $117 at release, they now cost $109.
  2. Spell Ruler has almost halved! Going from $120 on release to $64 now.
  3. Metal Raiders has gone from $119 to $68.
  4. Pharaohs Servant has gone from $120 upon release to $50. The biggest loser of the bunch.
  5. Invasion of Chaos has gone from $123 to $54.

These sets were released in the early days of YuGiOh and carry a lot of nostalgia with them. It makes sense that Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon is still trading high near its introductory price. The set contains the Dark magician, Blue Eyes White Dragon, and Exodia.

The fact that the rest of the sets all sell for about 40% off their release prices is certainly interesting. It’s certainly great for collectors who I imagine are ripping open these sets in huge quantities. I’m not sure a single person is saving these sets for a later sale or rip.

Anyways I don’t see prices going any lower, besides the Blue Eyes set, it’s time to buy!

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