The 25th Anniversary Collection is Almost at an All Time High!

The 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection is almost at an all time high!

Currently priced at $115, the Rarity Collection is just off its high of $120. In the last three months prices have gone from $90 all the way to $120. That’s about a 30% gain in just three months. That’s pretty good. For collectors of course its a pain in the butt, but for anyone sitting on a few sealed boxes it’s quite a score.

The Rarity Collection has been a hot seller with seemingly large numbers of boxes being opened rather than saved. This is the way for YuGiOh, where unlike with Pokemon product is mostly opened. The utility of the Rarity Collection after all is in its cards… which you have to open to play with.

Anyways, its interesting to see prices so high!

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