Ah, see… Putin memes are wrong…

But memes of everybody you personally dislike in the political arena are okay…

As I just mentioned… Russia’s media regulator has in effect made memes illegal!

Now in the ever expanding closed off reality that Russia and Putin now exist in, it turns out that Russia has not only outlawed memes of prominent political and business figures (business and politics go hand in hand in Russia) but have setup their own Russian Wikipedia like website with what they view as ideologically correct information (from the Russian States view).

The Russian State has also setup their own little meme factories to make fun of people like Barack Obama and Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko.
These meme factories are located in nondescript buildings where Russian’s are employed to troll the internet, posting memes and comments everywhere they can.

It’s all very surreal. You can view the Russian State’s little meme factory here http://xn--80acbo6d9a.xn--p1ai/

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