Robin Williams News Roundup

Robin Williams Didn’t Have Financial Trouble: Publicist
The spokeswoman for Robin Williams’ family debunked widespread reports Wednesday that the comedian, who died Monday in a suspected suicide, had serious money troubles.

Death of Robin Williams Renews Suicide and Depression Awareness – KREX News Channel 5
Robin Williams Death Brings Awareness to Suicide Worldwide and at Home – WBOY-TV
Featured:Knowing risk factors and warning signs of suicide may save a life – TXK Today
Opinion: The details of Robin Williams’ death should not be covered up – Los Angeles Times
In Depth: Robin Williams: In Looking For Laughs, ‘You Have To Be Deeply Honest’ – NPR

I’d just like to say that the details of Robin William’s death are not particularly anybody’s business except for his friends and family.
He is also not some kind of martyr for mental illness.
Respect the man for what he did and who he was.
Not what you want him to be.


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Now I’m not actually going to dig into the comments people have made… But needless to say they’re nothing that needs to be said aloud.

But yes, let’s totally obsess over a 16 year old girl who’s father tragically died because wow she’s older.

We’re all older. No need to comment on it.