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Alpine Underworld – A Nature Documentary

Alpine Underworld is a nature documentary that premiered on the National Geographic Wild channel in 2015. (Narrated by Bray Poor)

Alpine Underworld Description:

exploring the unknown side of the picturesque Alps, ice cold lakes with ghostly shipwrecks, medieval trees and fascinating aquatic life, mountain top animals that include the rare lynx.

Alpine Underworld has some pretty, high definition, filming with some great images of Eagles and underwater shots of Alpine lakes. It’s a fast moving documentary that briefly goes over a whole bunch of different animals.

I’d say that Alpine Underworld is fairly kid safe… It doesn’t focus on any one animal very long and there’s very limited hunting / eating throughout the entire documentary.

Animals that appear in this nature documentary:

Common toads
Alpine newts
Brook lampreys
Danube bleek
Short tailed weasel
Golden eagle
Sturlet part of the sturgeon family
River trout
Danube salmon
The dipper bird
Pike perch
Blood lake (purple sulfur bacteria)
Arctic char
North American crayfish
Human fish
Asp viper

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5 thoughts on “Alpine Underworld – A Nature Documentary

  1. The eagles dont make a big appearance but the filming is HD and pretty good so you get a great look at them

    1. I think it actually was for like 10 seconds!
      If I’m remembering right it also wasn’t what you’d think it’d be when you hear the word ‘shipwreck’…
      I think it was only a small boat or something…

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