Charlie Harper the Super Dull Playboy

Why is Charlie Harper dull you ask? How could he be dull with all those women?! And Liquor!?! Cigars and money!??? The whole playboy lifestyle???


All of Charlie Harper’s women are dull.

All of his ladies are almost always white.

They’re also almost always relatively thin.

Their clothing styles, hair color, etc… are again almost always fairly stereotypical.

They also have perky breasts in all situations in the show (the magic of having your actors wear pushup bras 24/7).

Now Charlie Harper may very well have had an Asian fetish (*his Asian fetish was mentioned as a joke in the middle seasons)… but you just try to find an Asian woman in that sea of bland blonde ladies.

Frankly they portray him as a playboy and yet his tastes are dull as hell.

But that’s Hollywood for you isn’t it.

Everybody has to look the same.

Nobody can be individualistic.

Be interesting.


Update (11/25/2016)

You know… I’m not saying Charlie should have dated a wide variety of women just so that TV producers could say that he dated a wide variety of women. I’m not suggesting they should have resorted to “token” actresses.

What I was trying to say is that for a playboy character… the women they had him date on the show were remarkably unvaried, to the point of being offensive from a modern perspective.

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve always seen the standard playboy character as somebody who seeks out the new and unique. And that’s something the Charlie Harper character most obviously never did on the show.

And that’s kind of… dull.

Ultimately everything about Charlie Harper was stereotypical… from his car, to the unvaried women deemed acceptable by Hollywood, to how his behavior was written.

Images of Charlie Harper’s Women

2 thoughts on “Charlie Harper the Super Dull Playboy”

    1. You know who’s also pretty bland? The real charlie harper… Charlie Sheen. Dude is so stereotypical. Also has a jesus mentality, constantly has to “save” pornstars.

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