AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag – A Quick Review


If you didn’t know, Amazon sells its own versions of various basic products… usually at a price significantly less than competitors. You’ll most likely have encountered Amazon’s cable products when buying a Kindle or an Echo or any electronic device on Amazon really…

Well what I didn’t know… was that Amazon now offers their own DSLR bag… which I happened to need… which means we’re going to talk about Amazon’s DSLR bag today! Bet you didn’t see that coming…


Amazon’s Large DSLR Bag


“Holds 1 DSLR body and up to 3 lenses
Product Dimensions: 5×7.9×11.8 inches (LxWxH); 1.6 pounds”

So first off… size. When they say the bag holds up to one DSLR body and 3 lenses they aren’t kidding. Amazon’s “large” bag it turns out… is pretty small. One medium-sized DSLR body and three lenses is the absolute maximum this bag can hold. So good for Amazon for being honest! Bad for me for thinking large meant large like my old Canon DSLR bag!

Ultimately the bag is perfectly fine for somebody who prefers to just have a small to go bag… I’m not one of those people. I like a big DSLR bag that can fit two bodies and four lenses because that’s just who I am. So for me, this bag is ludicrously small.

Amazon is being honest with you in the description. The bag is in fact small and lightweight.


“Comfort on the Go
The AmazonBasics adjustable, heavily padded, shoulder strap make the gadget bag comfortable to wear even when loaded with all your gear.”

But do you know what Amazon actually exaggerated about?

Their shoulder strap. It’s complete bullcrap.

That shoulder strap is like having a steel bar pressing on your shoulder. I don’t even use it… I slide it down and just use the strap itself without the pad… it’s honest to god that uncomfortable.


The worst feature of the entire bag? Not the shoulder pad believe it or not…

The velcro lid. It’s annoying to use, feels flimsy, and feels dangerous if you’re opening while out and about. Since you have to unbuckle the bag before pulling the velcro top off… the second you unbuckle it the weight is shifted from the buckles to the velcro… which cant’s stand up to the weight of two lenses and a body… so it peels off and suddenly your bag is jerked open.



The bag I received feels like the same water-resistant fabric as my old Canon bag, has no loose threads, a perfectly fine zipper, clean interior fabric… the bag may be cheaper than others but that’s not because they sacrificed quality.



At $25 plus free shipping… the bag is firmly in the middle of the pack price wise for similarly sized bags but has the quality of a bag priced at $10 more.


Again… Ultimately…

I’ve used the bag for over a month now and it is not my favorite thing ever. It is however perfectly functional and cost-effective. So while I mention the problems with the bag so you can decide if it’ll be an issue for you or not… I also need to make clear that the bag works.

Amazon Basic’s DSLR bag is small, lightweight (at only one and a half pounds), and most importantly… only $25.

If that’s what you want, this bag is perfectly fine.

However if you want a larger bag or one with a comfortable shoulder strap this bag is not for you.


Update – 08/07/2017

Two large lenses and a camera body 📷

Amazon told ya…

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