How many cameras does it take to get to the center of James Comey???


As I’m sure every single person with an internet connection now knows… James Comey, the man Donald Trump fired because apparently he didn’t want to play ‘loyal mobster’ with him in the rose garden, went and did some ‘splainin for some Senators.

Photographers were allowed in…

And since this is a huge deal for the media…

There were a lot of photographers all apparently eager for a well composed shot of Mr. Comey…

None of which is surprising, but it all leads to the photo below.


That is a crazy amount of photographers in a little space. Donald Trump is going to be really angry when he figures out just how much more famous Comey is now.


So let’s play a game!

It’s called ‘spot the red rings‘! (at least 8)

Or we could play ‘telephoto or not???‘ (almost all of them are)

Or ‘how many cameras aren’t a nikon or canon‘?

Or ‘female photographers… do they exist?


I’ll tell you what though… Maybe I’m just so used to Sony’s internal zoom… but the number of lenses that use extension tubes in that photo seems awkward. The 90’s called they want their lens engineering back???

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