We Need to Talk About Zeiss Lens Cleaner


So we need to take a second to talk about this Zeiss branded lens cleaner… because boy does it suck.

This Zeiss branded lens cleaner smells like Windex and cleans just as poorly as Windex. It streaks and leaves a slight haze on glass… to the point where you have to clean the glass you just cleaned again. Which is kind of absurd since you’re cleaning off a cleaner.

I would not use this cleaner on a $1000+ lens even if somebody had a gun to my head.

The ingredients are not listed on the bottle, it does not seem to be an alcohol based cleaner, and I am not exaggerating when I say it smells exactly like Windex. I mean overall it’s just so concerning. They can say that it’s safe for all lenses / coating on the packaging as much as they like… that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. And if the cleaner isn’t removing dirt on the first go… then what you’re doing is rubbing dirt against the surface of the lens.

It is in essence a mystery cleaner that doesn’t clean… with a Zeiss logo slapped on it.

I honestly suggest you use this cleaner on a lens filter or even a window before you apply it to a lens… 


And let’s take a second to talk about cost… let me do the math for you…

Currently on Amazon you can get a 4 pack of Zeiss 8oz bottles for $22.99.

That’s 32 fluid ounces.

There are 128 fluid ounces to a gallon.

So $22.99 x 4 = $91.96 per gallon.

The lens cleaner I currently use (Leader) which works vastly better than the Zeiss cleaner I purchased… costs $15 for a one gallon jug (sold and shipped by Amazon).

The Zeiss branded cleaner costs 600% more than a lens cleaner that actually works.


Maybe this cleaner is worth $90+ a gallon to you, maybe it cleans well for you, maybe you’re going to blurt out “yOu ARENT uSIng it RIGHT”, but I cannot help but feel that this Zeiss branded lens cleaner is pretty suspect.

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