One Year with the Sony 18 – 105mm E Mount Lens

not a review but also definitely a review…



The Original Unboxing

When I first unboxed the Sony 18 – 105mm lens I instantly got the impression that it was a quality lens that lived up to its “G” branding… it’s a comfortable weight, a comfortable size, and has a very usable zoom range.


After a Year

After spending an entire year heavily using Sony’s 18 – 105mm lens on an a6000 body…
I can now tell you a few things from experience…
Real world experience…
Not a review of a copy of the lens I didn’t have to purchase after using it for a single day.


  • This is a great walking around lens, my copy performs surprisingly well at all focal points except at 105mm where it gets fairly soft. Its performance is fair considering the zoom range.
  • The lens is light but solidly built and matches up very well with Sony’s a6000 series bodies. You’ll be able to comfortably walk miles and miles with it.
  • If you’re a bokeh snob this lens isn’t for you. Its bokeh will never make anybody gasp… your subject will still do that though.
  • 100% not tightly sealed. Moisture easily enters through the gap around the front element on my copy. A protective filter is highly recommended.
  • The focus ring has loosened up to a surprising extent after a year of use. The lens uses a fully rotating focus ring without stops. So the fact that the ring is loose, and can go around the entire lens barrel freely, is a little concerning… it makes me doubt the longevity of this lens.
  • Low light performance is perfectly acceptable for what it’s made to do. The lens was never meant for taking wedding portraits in poorly lit rooms…




So in the end…

If you own an a6000 series camera and do not want to use full frame format lenses (which are quite expensive)… this is absolutely the lens you should purchase. The quality you get for the price is vastly better than any of the APS-C only lenses Sony makes.


Technical Info

Price at time of purchase: $599

Price one year later: $598

Focal Length 18 - 105mm

Aperture Maximum: f/4 to f/22

Mount: Sony E (APS-C sensor only)

Minimum Focus Distance 1.48 feet ( ~ 18 inches)

Magnification 0.11

Elements/Groups 16 / 12

Diaphragm Blades 7

Autofocus and Image Stabilized

Front Filter Thread: 72 mm

Weight 15.06 oz (less than one pound)

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