New Lenses for Sony and Canon DSLRs

a camera in every home and a lens in every pot…



Sigma and Canon are both expected to release new lenses in the fourth quarter of 2017 with formal announcements coming as soon as August.


Canon is expected to release four lenses… The EF 85mm ƒ/1.4L IS and three more currently unknown lenses. Frankly I can’t help but imagine those three will be cheaper lenses… maybe even just improved kit lenses.


Sigma is shipping out new cine lenses (the 14mm and 135mm T2) already and is planning to announce the release of two new lenses (most likely a 35mm and a zoom) for full frame Sony E mount cameras… on top of that Sigma has mentioned that it plans on continuing to develop lenses for both full frame and APS-C Sony E mount cameras.


Lenses aren’t like Oreos you know… you can’t just throw some sprinkles in the frosting and call it a new product. They take a good bit of time and effort to bring to market and some never make it out of the factory.  So the current pace of all of these new cameras and lenses and gear coming to market is genuinely impressive.


Our world is giving us more and more artistic tools… and that’s something to be happy about…

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