Image of a baby elephant from the documentary Sex in the Wild.

Animal Mating on Netflix

Just kidding…

I’m being facetious. It isn’t porn, it’s a nature documentary series on sex in the wild.

Sex in the Wild: The Biology of Mating is a series produced by PBS featuring Joy Reidenberg and Mark Evans that is currently on Netflix.


In the first episode, Joy and Mark follow a pregnant African elephant until she gives birth to a little itty bitty baby elephant…

In the second episode you get to see the mating habits of Orangutans in Borneo…

In the third episode, you follow around the kings of Australia… the marsupials! The kangaroo, the wallaby, and the koalas are all featured.

In the fourth episode, you’re now following Dolphins off the coasts of Mexico and New Zealand.


The filming style is interesting, the whole documentary is very colorful. But you gotta remember this isn’t your normal documentary made for TV with just brief looks at a bunch of different animals, this is literally about the biology of mating.

Now, I suppose this is kid safe. I mean it’s the same thing as when you gotta watch lions with blood all over their face eating a zebra… it’s nature. But I highly doubt any young children would find this interesting or enjoyable. Maybe if you just showed them the baby elephant…

This nature documentary isn’t the best honestly… but it isn’t the worst.


More Nature Documentaries on Netflix

If you want to see more on Elephants, Netflix still has the Wildest Africa series.

You can find Elephants in all four of the first season episodes (Okavango, Namibia, Ngorongoro, and Zambezi) and in the second season you can find them in Sahara: Life on the Edge.

For more on Oragutans, Netflix has the documentary The Last Orangutan Eden.

Want more dolphins? Head on over to the nature documentary The Blue Planet: A Natural History of the Oceans. You’ll find them in episode three, Open Oceans.


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