Thank God CSI is Over

Honestly, CSI Las Vegas bugged the crap out of me…

Like any show spanning FIFTEEN SEASONS, there are bound to be good episodes. The doll house serial killer, Paul Melander, anything with Lady Heather… there were some good ones in there.

But the show always bothered me regardless.

It’s like… the writers worked in so many current cultural references and were so dismissive of things like Twitter and even just cell phones that it became quite annoying. Like a bunch of old people were just screaming on TV about all the change in the world. That must be enjoyable if you’re an old person who hates change watching the show… but for me, not so much.

But that’s not all that bugged me I think.

What bugged me the most, had to be the writers uncaring attitude towards human life.

It was very unreal. They’d have these grotesque mutilated bodies around them and the characters would be delivering one liners with smiles on their faces. And you know it doesn’t stop there, they did all kinds of things like that…

For a drama, a detective drama, it’s just kind of shitty of them to act like that. I mean, isn’t the whole point of crime dramas the pursuit of justice? Why do you think people watch Law and Order? For the great acting??? No, for the drama and that weird inner desire people have for justice in the world.

Perhaps it’s bad acting or perhaps it’s bad writing…

But at the end of the day I think CSI Las Vegas really missed the mark on how they treated people.


* You can currently watch on 15 seasons of CSI Las Vegas on Hulu, it currently is not available on Netflix (and most likely won’t be since it’s such a cash cow for CBS). *



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