Another Example of Why You Should Shop @ B&H


We live in a wasteland.


Everything is a lie… one way or another… nobody can just be upfront and honest.



Amazon is currently advertising a deal on a Dell monitor… funny enough it’s the exact model that I own. $350 is not the actual price the monitor has sold for in the last year. The real price is $200.

You are not saving 50%, you’re saving 25%.




There’s another caveat.


What Amazon is forgetting to mention is that the monitor (U2414H) has been discontinued by Dell and that a new model has been introduced. The new in production model is the U2412M… which retails for the same price that the U2414H had previously been retailing for ($200). Unfortunately the new monitor isn’t an exact match… but it’s close.



B&H on the other hand!

B&H is kind enough to mention that the model is discontinued.

You should probably shop at the place that’s on top of this stuff and has genuine customer service… but that’s a you decision…


The U2414H is a nice monitor, the stand is pretty much the highest quality you can get, and the only real problem with the monitor is warm spots… which Dell seems to know since they specifically say they do not cover them under their warranty…


So… yeah.

Everything is a joke.

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