It’s the Holiday Season – The President’s Bootlickers Will Have SO MUCH to Say!!!

tis the season to be moronic lalala la la la la…


As mentioned previously, the holiday season is the most wonderful of times to wage an asinine cultural war on… your fellow citizens of the United States? That sounds odd… that can’t be right…


l o l


The sheer insanity on display here is astounding.


Presidents have been saying ‘merry Christmas‘ for quite awhile, nobody can stop you from saying ‘merry Christmas‘, and nobody has tried to stop you from saying ‘merry Christmas‘.


This is a ‘cultural war’ started by and fought by morons, for the sake of morons, and nothing more.


How else could these MERRY CHRISTMAS WARRIORS feed their narrative, their victim complexes, if there isn’t some kind of persecution against them? The best they could make up is that there’s a society wide conspiracy to FORCE them personally to say the words ‘merry Christmas‘.



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