Arachnid Morning Marathon

From the Heads Up Seven Up department…

Thursday morning (tomorrow) is spider time on the Syfy channel!

It all starts with the dubious plot line of Ice Spiders at 4am and ends at noon with Arachnoquake!!!
I’m not excited at all but hey, it can still be fun. I mean Syfy has been airing stuff like this since the days when it was still Scifi sooo there’s gotta be somebody out there who enjoys this stuff.

Ice Spiders

The 'Ice Spiders' movie poster
The ‘Ice Spiders’ movie poster

Description: Giant mutated spiders terrorize member of an Olympic ski team after the monsters escape a government lab.


In The Spiders Web

The 'In The Spiders Web' movie poster.
The ‘In The Spiders Web’ movie poster.

Description: In India backpackers encounter a sinister scientist who lives with villagers who live worship deadly arachnids.


Big Ass Spider

The 'Big Ass Spider!' movie poster.
The ‘Big Ass Spider!’ movie poster.

Description: A hotshot exterminator joins forces with the military to squash a giant arachnid that’s spinning a web of destruction around Los Angeles.



The 'Arachnoquake' movie poster
The ‘Arachnoquake’ movie poster

Description: A series of earthquakes in New Orleans opens fissures around the city and species of giant fire-breathing spiders has come out of hibernation to hunt on the surface

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