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The New Star Trek TV Show Is On Its Way

From the ‘I Kinda Told You So???’ Department…

CBS has just released a ‘trailer’ for the upcoming Star Trek TV series… and well, it sucked.

As you can see, the video is 50 seconds of nothingness.

All we really get out of it is a confirmation that we’ll be getting a new story line and a new crew. As I mentioned in an article awhile ago…

We currently have no idea who is going to be the Captain of the new prime time Star Trek TV series (that is supposedly to debut in 2017 on CBS).

The new Star Trek series doesn’t currently have a working title, or any known plot line, from the sound of it it’s just a bunch of ideas that will be nailed down probably sometime in the next few months if it’s to be debuted in 2017.
February, 2016, Source:

So three months later and we’ve found out that CBS has decided on a new crew in a new time line. Okey dokey then… I would’ve thought that they’d have more by now but no.

There’s your bit of non-news for the week!


Screencaps of the new Star Trek trailer

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