Are you ready to be a Snaphole?

the new glasshole…


Snapchat is now officially selling its Spectacles to anybody who want them! Yayyyy… I guess…

They’re available at

So far nobody has really cared much about Snapchat’s glasses to the same extent that everybody hated people who wore Google glasses. But I’m sure that once Snapchat starts selling oodles of Spectacles and the sheer number of people with them increases… we’re going to get a few more cases of inappropriate behavior.

And of course we’ll also get the incredibly idiotic media coverage to go with those few cases…

And we’re going to have to repeat the discussion about photographic etiquette, privacy rights, and the inherent stupidity of certain people. “Yes it is in fact wrong to take video of other people’s penises at the urinal.”

So yeah I am totally psyched for this. I am ready for the age of the Snaphole.


What is?

A Snaphole… A Snapchat asshole… because you know people don’t like it so much when you bring cameras where cameras don’t belong.

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