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Pete Souza – Won’t Stop Can’t Stop Trolling Trump

the photography troll of the federal government… the former photography troll… the… whatever…


The orange presidential cheeto, a new product from the Frito-Lay Corporation, has recently declared Sweden to be a hell hole of tolerance refugees.

Never one to let a Trumpism go, Pete Souza continued his very gentle trolling of the new president with this Instagram post… and yes Pete Souza trolling the cheeto is one of my new favorite things…

Remembering our great trip to Sweden in 2013.

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So there’s that.


Funny enough, while the orange cheeto and the Fox News report that he watched were somewhat ignorant sensationalist in their claims about Sweden, Sweden has in fact been having some trouble culturally integrating refugees. It’s a problem that non ignorant people have been discussing for a while now and have been trying to work on.

In part, Sweden is a victim of its own generosity and success. No European country has a larger proportion of refugees in its population and in 2015 none welcomed a larger flow of asylum-seekers, proportionate to its population, than Sweden did.



Each country struggles with integration. Some Swedish cities are stratified by ethnicity; racist mobs have firebombed refugee centres. The 31 areas on the Danish government’s “ghetto list” hardly resemble Detroit, but nor are they trouble-free. In February a Palestinian-Danish gunman killed two people in Copenhagen, one at a free-speech event and another outside a synagogue. It is getting harder to counter the siren calls of Islamist groups. Although local authorities, including Copenhagen’s, try hard to integrate minorities, they sometimes seem to be tugging in a different direction from their national masters.


But culture is complicated isn’t it.

And human behavior cannot be changed overnight.

What’s important is recognizing those two facts.


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