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Artists @ Trump Continued – Shy Labeef Makes a Commitment

performance art… staying weird labeouf style… so supa weird…


So one Shia LaBeouf has taken it upon himself to do a 4 year long performance art piece… which joins Hands off my Country in the resistance art movement.

Shia LaBeouf is taking a four-year-long stand against President Trump, launching a lengthy protest on Inauguration Day on Friday.

The performance art project asks participants to step in front of a camera mounted in front of New York’s Museum of the Moving Image and repeat the phrase, “He will not divide us.”

The camera will live-stream “continuously” for the entirety of Trump’s term as commander in chief, according to a website for the project.


Well that’s… certainly… interesting.


I am no fan of performance art of this kind so I can’t offer much insight beyond the face value of this being another piece trying to prevent Donald Trump & gang’s shit behavior from harming the country.


If there are any performance artists out there who understand the Shia LaBeouf style… I’d love to hear from you in the comments. If you’ve got a lot to say you might even consider submitting an article!


P.S. frankly I’m amazed that somebody went “yes 4 years straight is absolutely realistic“. That really is quite a commitment.


Shia LaBeouf briefly arrested because of a kerfuffle – Update 1/26/2017

Well that didn’t take long…

It’s been a few days since the performance piece / installation started and there’s already been a conflict.

LaBeouf was arrested and has been released, according to Det. Christopher Pisano.
LaBeouf and a 25-year-old anti-Trump protester got into a verbal exchange in front of the Museum of the Moving Image, and then police say LaBeouf pulled on the man’s scarf, scratching his face while doing so, according to Antonetti.


I hope this all has a positive outcome… but to be frank again, I see this as a continuing problem if it really is going to last 4 years.

It’s either going to become an increasingly polarizing bit of art or it’ll quietly die… I do know which will happen but you know how it is… I don’t want anybody to get hurt. I don’t want to see Shia LaBeouf in jail.

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