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Artists @ Trump – Hands off my Cuntry


The “resistance” to Donald Trump’s disappointing behavior has already begun! Artists have jumped in their snowspeeders and are blasting the evil empire by making some art of… Obama eating somebody out..?



The Story

The 2016 presidential campaign was without a doubt the most explicit in our nation’s history. The American public learned far more than it asked for about the size of President-elect Donald Trump’s penis, his attraction to his daughter Ivanka and his penchant for grabbing women “by the pussy” without their consent. And of course, after Trump was elected, the unsubstantiated report of his proclivity for golden showers emerged.

Yet no other timely art exhibition gets nearly as naughty as “Hands Off My Cuntry.” Alexandra Rubinstein’s “Thank You Obama,” on view in the show, features our 44th president peering out from between a woman’s naked legs. From his focused gaze, one can only assume Barack applies the same attention and care he afforded our nation to the act of pleasuring a woman.

“Sexuality is just another extension of the behavior we expect of women,” Rubinstein explained in an earlier interview with HuffPost. “I think it’s important to recognize that it’s not innately timid, selfless or non-existent.”



Go take a look at some of the photographs in the article linked to above!


Frankly, I quite like the pieces. The mixing of humor and sexuality is certainly welcome in a world where people think that the media is lying about the photographs of Trump’s swearing-in ceremony crowd.


But what’s interesting to me is that this is exactly the kind of political art that people despise.

I’ve gotten the distinct impression over the years that when artists make political art like this, people feel that it lacks serious content, and is merely a mess of stereotypes that promotes an “us versus them” mindset. They feel like they’re being talked down to or ridiculed. In other words, it’s everything they hate when it comes to political discourse.

Now add in the fact that there’s sexuality and nudity “ohhh noooo not the sex!” and suddenly their artwork appears like a gross stunt to people and is dismissed by them. It’s just another reason to become further entrenched in your world view.

Which is ironic because that’s nearly the opposite intent of the artwork.


Anyways, it’s all just another example of the interpretive value of art. For me those art pieces are fun… for somebody else it’s offensive and whatnot. 



While obviously the art is still interesting and will always have some historical value… overall it really has not helped with anything at all anywhere. The resistance isn’t exactly resisting anything… a whole lot of words on the internet and not much else.

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