Donald Trump’s Official Portrait Says A Lot

and not about the photographer… but about him…


You know what, people sure do love a good photographer bashing. Go to any comment section of a photography website and I assure you the conversation will turn hateful in ten comments or less.


Well because people love criticizing everything all the time and photographers are in fact people.

That’s just facts.

So… let’s do it. Lets bash a photographer.

Wait… no… I misspoke. Lets bash a photograph and not the photographer.

A blue colored crooked background, a high resolution picture allowing you to see the bleach blond fluff that resides under Trump’s corn silk hair, a scowl, and hunched shoulders.

Now if that isn’t a metaphor for how Trump’s presidency will go I don’t know what is.

I don’t know about you, but I find it inappropriate to have the president’s portrait glowering at everybody from the walls of government buildings.

That is simply too reminiscent of the posters of Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984 for my taste.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Official Portrait Says A Lot”

  1. As an 81-year-old American citizen who has always been proud of her heritage, respecting our presidencies, not agreeing with most, but abiding by the changing personalities with hopes that our strong beginnings and abidance to our constitution will keep America strong, I have become completely astounded at the low-level of respect and high-level of hate that abounds today from the Leftists. Your attempts at sarcasm and vitriol with no real goal in mind except to insult and offend the highest officers in our land are breathtaking in their vulgarity and insensitivity! Your disgusting attempts at “humor” are in such bad taste that I hardly can believe anyone could be that ignorant of basic decency. I fear for you. May God punish you.

    1. What an inappropriate comment…

      Not only am I not a “Leftist”… you have no right to come onto my property and tell me that God should punish me.

      Want to talk about respect?

      Respect is earned… not demanded. Donald Trump has never earned my respect nor has he ever tried. That has nothing to do with you. The thought that I should respect somebody because you do is beyond absurd… The thought that ANYBODY should EVER respect somebody because it’s demanded of them… is also absurd.

      There is a fundamental difference between politeness and respect… you seem to be confusing the two.

      My criticism of Donald Trump has been fair if on occasion bordering on rudeness, this is my property and I have every right to speak how I wish, and if you continue to leave childish comments of this nature I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to not visit anymore.

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