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BAE continues its AI Radio Work


As mentioned previously in the Skynet is Here series, the US military is looking into using artificial intelligence to not only help protect networks, not only to be deployed in Electronic Warfare, but also in various radio applications


News out today says that work continues…

As a release from BAE notes, current systems “are limited in their ability to quickly adapt to new and advanced threats because they rely on a database of known threats with predefined countermeasures.” The electromagnetic spectrum is highly congested these days in combat, between cell phone systems, radars and classified and unclassified communications systems. Combing through all that noise is a huge challenge on today’s battlefield.

That’s why DARPA is paying BAE an additional $13.3 million for an intelligent system known as Adaptive Radar Countermeasures. It’s designed to help EW systems counter “new, unknown, and adaptive radars in real time.”


The actual specifics of the program are classified… so I have no idea how artificial intelligence is actually being used. But according to them it is in one way or another.

So… that just means another step towards a Skynet future.

Are you excited?

I am.

I’ve always wanted to be brutally murdered by a vicious and cruel bit of military hardware.

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