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Being Bisexual in Popular Media

In other words, as the popular media believes, you aren’t bisexual!

Bisexual Actors: No, no, I’m bisexual.

Popular Media: no you arent u are straight

Popular Media: we might let you be gay but not the bi thing cuz reasons

Bisexual Actors: wtf

I honestly have no idea why people in the popular media (popular media meaning things like E!, News Corp. stuff, Hollywood nonsense in general) are so bullheaded against simply acknowledging a person is bisexual, but apparently they are. As if it’s any of their business to begin with or that they have any right to misrepresent or be facetious about a persons stated sexuality? Nonsense. For god’s sake who cares that much about other people’s private affairs.

But, it seems the popular media represents bisexual individuals as either straight or gay quite frequently.

Below is a list of actors and artists thought to be bisexual. Or are bisexual. Who knows.

Angelina Jolie

Azealia Banks

Anna Paquin

Amber Heard

Billie Joe Armstrong

Bai Ling

Billie Holiday

Clive Davis

Carrie Brownstein


Coco Chanel

Drew Barrymore

Evan Rachel Wood


Frenchie Davis

Frida Kahlo

Jason Mraz

Jillian Michaels


Kurt Cobain

Linsday Lohan

Lady Gaga

Megan Fox


Mel B

Nicki Minaj

Pete Wentz

Paris Hilton


Salvador Dali

Vanessa Carlton

Feel free to add more names in the comments if you’d like!


One thought on “ Being Bisexual in Popular Media

  1. I’ll tell you what, it ain’t nobody’s business but your own.
    If you say you’re bisexual, you’re bisexual.
    This aint up for debate.

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