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Jurassic World – A Review

Jurassic World – A Review contains spoilers! But first off you need to know this movie may be a little too violent for young children!

Okay, a little might be an understatement. Jurassic World has to be the most violent film in the Jurassic Park world. We went from dinosaur/fantasy/action films to dinosaur/fantasy/drama/action/violent films. It’s quite something. The oddest part of this increased violence, the reactions to the unending dying throughout the film. Pretty much all characters take all deaths stoically even though they have a relationship with these characters and/or are emotionally attached to them. So it’s almost like characters just keep disappearing from the film and story line entirely.

Chris Pratt’s (Owen’s) role in the film was overrated. His whole love interest with Bryce Dallas Howard (Claire) was weak and unexplored. Their whole relationship was basically three witty comments and not getting eaten by dinosaurs.

The story arcs during the film were so brief and unexplained. It’s tough to know if there even is a story. They didn’t even make it clear that there was now a distinction between the genetic engineering firm InGen and the Jurassic Park. We start off knowing Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan) now owns the park, but there’s no clear explanation of who does the engineering work. We have Henry (BD Wong) as the main genetic engineering fellow but Simon has no idea what’s actually going on in the lab. Then off BD Wong goes in a chopper with the embryos. It’s just such a poorly explained story arc that the movie directors obviously thought was “mysterious” and a good setup for the next film. Well it wasn’t.

The kids were weird. I’m not sure why they were there, besides to obviously give Claire and Owen a reason to go off together into dino-danger.

The whole Chris Pratt the velociraptor master was kind of funny because of the ridiculousness… but at the same time you really end up rooting for those raptors.

The dinosaurs really did look great though. Much better than in The Lost World: Jurassic Park and maybe even better than the more recent Jurassic Park III.

Ultimately, Jurassic World took the Jurassic Park franchise away from dinosaur adventure films to fast-moving dino-violent-drama. The movie wasn’t bad, it was different… not great, but not so bad.

Decide for yourself. I’m sure we’ll hear from dinosaur lovers in a bit here stating how atrocious Jurassic World was, and then we’ll get action lovers talking about how amazing Jurassic World was. That’s the great thing about art.

FYI, a much more in-depth article will appear on Pink Ink later, titled Jurassic World – The Analysis.

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7 thoughts on “ Jurassic World – A Review

  1. Really though, Jurassic World might not be kid safe. A few young children got upset in the audience during the more dramatic and violent scenes. Some older folks as well.
    So basically if you’re a dinosaur lover, an empathetic person, or a young child you might want to skip this film or be prepared going in.

  2. Fun Film for Adults and older Children! Way Way Way too violent and Scary for young Children- Really it says PG 13- Lots of Crying children. in the theater…I saw a mom fussing at her approx.- 4 year old son for crying in the film ???? They can wait to see this film when they are older…… Go Play Outside with your Children!!!

    1. Plus by the time they’re older, they’ll be able to marathon all the Jurassic Parks already made and that will be made on Netflix… wait now, so you never have to when it matters!?!
      Parents, plan ahead!
      Give your child the joy of a marathon later in life!

      1. Oh man, can you imagine… fantasy marathon Friday.
        You marathon all the Jurassic Parks, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, AND the Hobbit.

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