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The Lost World – Jurassic Park

You may be asking yourself “what happened to Vince Vaughn in Jurassic Park?”


Vince Vaughn starred as Nick Van Owen in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Vince Vaughn, Nick, was sent with Jeff Goldblum’s team as a nature photographer… but secretly had a second task entrusted to him by John Hammond who feared what InGen wanted to do with the dinosaurs left on the island.

When Nick saw what was happening, with the dinosaurs being captured and caged by the InGen team, he sneaked into their camp at night and let the dinosaurs lose.

In the following scenes Nick basically takes over as one of the leaders in the InGen group and helps Jeff Goldblum, his love interest, and daughter escape the island by calling for help from and abandoned InGen facility in the center of the island.

Now Vince Vaughn’s story arc peters out from there…

I have not heard of anybody wanting Vince Vaughn to reprise his role as Nick Owen in any of the Jurassic Park films to come after The Lost World.

But who knows, with Jurassic World’s star studded cast and the most likely future creation of more Jurassic Park films… we might just see Vince Vaughn come back as an animal rights activist trying to save the dinosaurs being used by InGen in some immoral project.

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