A Book Recommendation Straight From the President!

buy sheriff clarke’s book!!! buy buy buy!!!


Our most literary of Presidents has given us a wonderful book recommendation today! This is exciting!




While Texas looses lives and livelihoods, while people’s lives are ruined, while things that are important to them and made life worth living are destroyed…

Donald Trump is whoring out his abusive attention seeking sheriff friend’s book on Twitter.

So by all means, buy sheriff Clarke’s book.
And then urinate on it.
And mail it back to him.

Oh or even better, this is your chance to help Donald Trump’s save Texas!!!

Line the pockets of his friend by buying his book and then have Amazon deliver them to addresses in Texas!

They can read his POS book while they watch the flood waters rise! Brilliant!!!


Donald Trump and Sheriff Clarke are both dick bags.


I’d say they should be ashamed of themselves, but I highly doubt either is capable of such an emotion.





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