Chihuly! Being and Doing Chihuly Things. Also Getting Sued.

what you gonna do… people like to sue…



While it is every American’s right to seek redress in court… but sometimes some suits can seem a lot less meritorious than you would’ve hoped to see people spending time and effort on…

SEATTLE — More than 40 years later, Jeffrey Beers still vividly remembers what it felt like to have Dale Chihuly call up to convene a pre-dawn glassblowing session. You felt flattered and inspired, he said, jazzed by Mr. Chihuly’s caffeinated freight train of energy and the idea of making art with him while most of the world slept in.

“‘We’re starting at 5. I’ll have Egg McMuffins for everybody,’” Mr. Beers said, describing a typical Chihuly invitation and the instant creation of a team of art student acolytes. “There would be eight or 10 of us, ready to go,” added Mr. Beers, now 60 and an architect in New York.

Mr. Chihuly was never the lonely artist toiling in his garret. Making art in a crowd, with a crowd, was the Chihuly way, according to people who have known and worked with him over the decades. The pattern only deepened with time and success, as he gained global recognition for the prolific output of expressive glass works, sculptures and paintings that bear his name and can sell into the millions of dollars.

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Read the article, Chihuly is getting sued by a person who wants credit for what they apparently view as their work and then goes on to justify their desire for credit by making a list of grievances about Chihuly.

Well, Chihuly has health problems just like everybody else and just like everybody else he seemingly can find it difficult to maintain balance and efficiently get things done. That’s why help exists. Whether it’s in the form of people or pharmaceuticals… they both have purpose and there is no shame or issue with that purpose (to help if you aren’t following).


“I think no one would have even assumed that Chihuly did all his own work, first of all, because there’s too much of it,” said Christine Steiner


Honestly, I think that quote sums it all up.


If you’ve ever seen Chihuly’s work… you will know that there is an absolute ton of it… size and sheer quantity wise there is a ton of it. Nobody could do that on their own and no reasonable person could expect somebody to do that on their own.


Artists need assistance in a multitude of ways… whether it’s the FedEx guy bringing supplies, a personal assistant for a writer, an apprentice glassblower… they are all part of the process. They all help make something. But just because you help make something… that of course does not mean you are entitled to it.


Whether you want credit or literal ownership… you don’t magically get the things you help others make. Kelloggs doesn’t send its employees home with as much cereal as they like when they like. Same general idea. People are compensated for their time and work for a reason… in a manner deemed appropriate for their contribution.


Sometimes, people feel their contribution is worth a lot more than it truly is… sometimes, the opposite.


The reality is that this is one of those unfortunate occasions where nobody is really making a compelling case for why a court needs to be involved… but rather just blurt out stuff they don’t like about the other party. The issue of credit is one easily resolved in private and is not all that important.

You after all know what you have and have not done, and if you speak the truth, nobody cares if you say ‘hey see that yellow glass thingamajig? I helped make that!


Not every situation needs to be escalated because of your personal feelings.


But then again, we don’t really know enough of the specifics to really say anything for certain.

It’s all silliness and frankly sounds like a waste of people’s lives.

Something to think on.


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