Joe Arpaio Pardoned by the President While Rest of Society Focuses on a Hurricane

inhumane muskrat licking toad face Joe Arpaio has been pardoned by the white cheddar cheeto Donald Trump…



Did you know, if you google “No justice no peace” you will find a ton of revisionist articles claiming that the phrase is solely about violence, Black Lives Matters, protesting, and those evil leftists.


Not once do any of these bullsquirt articles ever mention that the phrase is decades old. They also don’t mention that most of the people who say it will probably have encountered it in the music world…


N.I.G.G.A. (Never Ignorant About Getting Goals Accomplished)

Who’s afraid of the punk police?
Niggas run the streets, no justice no peace
Fuck the law, I’d rather draw than do time

Tupac Shakur:


The phrase is not new and has always been a succinct way to describe the current state of the American Justice system.


The phrase, still… after decades, offers a way to describe the injustice that occurs around us.


Another bit of injustice has occurred today.

Donald Trump has issued a Presidential Pardon for Joe Arpaio.


Arpaio has to be one of the biggest turds to ever grace America. Arpaio was a torturer sheriff in Arizona if you weren’t aware.


And in his time as sheriff he has been a brutal, attention seeking, asshat who cares for nothing but us versus them vendettas.


The jail that was his responsibility had a list of abuses that boggle the mind.


His jail had a reported, and I imagine incorrectly low, suicide rate of 24%.

In jailhouse deaths across the nation, the U.S. Department of Justice notes the following rates of suicide over a three-year period from 2000 to 2002:

• Los Angeles: 11 percent.

• New York: 9 percent.

• Cook County (Chicago): 6 percent.

• Philadelphia: 14 percent.

• Harris County (Houston): 13 percent.

• Dade County (Miami): 6 percent.

From 1996 to 2015, the suicide rate among jail deaths in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lockups was an astounding 24 percent, with 39 of the 157 hanging themselves.

Furthermore, of the 157 deaths listed on the sheriff’s watch on the M.E.’s chart, 34 simply are tagged as having been found dead with no explanation as to cause of death.



Oh, but lets not forget that Arpaio’s jail and staff were so careless and shitty that they cost Ambrett Spencer’s baby its life.

By the time the ambulance arrived at the Maricopa County Hospital, Spencer had been in severe pain and without a doctor for almost four hours. Doctors delivered Ambria Renee Spencer, a 9-pound baby girl with a quarter-inch of thick hair on her head.

Ambria was dead. Spencer’s pain had been caused by internal bleeding — a malady known as placental abruption. Babies often survive the condition, if their mothers go immediately to a hospital. The treatment is simple: immediate delivery. Otherwise, the baby dies from blood loss.

Inmates in Arpaio’s jails aren’t usually allowed to see their babies after birth. Despite protests from the jail guard, hospital employees brought baby Ambria to Spencer, so she could see her daughter before the funeral.

Spencer described the moment for attorneys in her deposition.

“I kept praying that she would just open her eyes because she looked like she was alive.”

Ambrett Spencer was one of 1,578 pregnant women who passed through Arpaio’s jails in 2006, county records show. Only 42 of those women gave birth while in custody.

Spencer pleaded guilty to two DUIs and served her time. Now she’s out, and she’s suing Joe Arpaio and the county’s Correctional Health Services department. Spencer believes delayed medical care caused her baby’s death.

She’s not the only inmate to say so. Four other inmates or their family members have contacted New Times this year, describing miscarriages, stillbirths, or harsh conditions for pregnant women in Arpaio’s jails.

They blame poor medical care or, at times, no medical care. They also say that rotten food, potentially contaminated water, a lack of prenatal vitamins, and careless detention officers contribute to the problems.

Records show the claims may not be groundless. For example, the water well in the facility where pregnant women are jailed has been infested with mice and mice feces since 2005, Maricopa County Environmental Health Services Records show.



Oh, and the brilliant bullies who worked for Arpaio also killed a dog and laughed about it. Because why stop at babies. If you’re already cruel and utterly devoid of morality… why stop at anything, ever.

• And in the ultimate display of cruelty, a SWAT team member drove a dog trying to flee the home back into the inferno, where it met an agonizing death.

Deputies then reportedly laughed as the dog’s owners came unglued as it perished in the blaze.

“I was crying hysterically,” Andrea Barker, one of the dog’s owners, tells me. “I was so upset. They [deputies] were laughing at me.”

Making fun of the 10-month-old pit bull puppy’s death wasn’t enough.

Arpaio’s goons then left the dog’s body to rot in the ashes for the next five days of 105-degree temperatures. A pall of death hung over the neighborhood. It was a putrid reminder of Arpaio’s reckless use of force and callous disregard for the public’s welfare. Not to mention the heinous treatment toward the terrified dog.



That is a fraction of a fraction of Arpaio’s and his department’s misconduct… misconduct that I honestly cannot believe can be described as anything but torture and brutality.


The sheer lack of humanity, the sheer brutality of it all, boggles the mind. It is almost like the people who live there and who have suffered at the hands of these bullies have become so used to constant abuse that they lack any frame of reference. They shrug their shoulders because Arpaio & Gang have done worse and will do worse. There will be no accountability, no punishment, no justice.


That is not America.


It is absolutely unacceptable for conditions like that to exist anywhere inside a country that was specifically created to escape the abuses of frog faced asswipes like Arpaio.


It is beyond disgusting.


Justice must be served for such atrocities.


But it never was, and never will be.


Thanks to Donald Trump.


For decades government officials refused to hold Arpaio accountable for any of the mayhem and pain he caused. They let him continue torturing the unfortunate souls who were either the wrong color or who just happened to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. The people of Arizona, some of the people of Arizona, also refused to hold him accountable.


And finally… finally… when Arpaio had decided that he once again was above the law, above the orders of a Federal Court, he faced a shred of punishment. Arpaio was held in contempt for not doing as he was ordered.


And now, now… he will not face punishment for that. Thanks to Donald Trump.






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