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Brides Magazine’s Questionable Articles and Apparently Ethics

lol… wedding photographer stuff… you and i both know you’re going to find nothing good below ↓



It seems that Brides Magazine has an article that rubbed photographers the wrong way by claiming that professional wedding photographers should only use Nikon or Canon branded full frame cameras…

Well, I’m assuming they meant full frame even though they said “full format”. But hey, maybe they meant medium format… even though Canon and Nikon don’t make medium format cameras (as far as I know).

Pretty easy to see how that would piss off photographers isn’t it… especially those who shelled out big time to purchase a Hasselblad camera specifically so they could get great wedding shots for their clients.

Frankly, I see this more as snobbery than anything else. I get the impression that people want ‘only the best‘ for their wedding… and because they’re uniformed about the capabilities of cameras and know the two big brands… they just assume that the expensive Nikon and Canon cameras are the only thing photographers should use.

It’s kind of like those people who will only drink Moet & Chandon champagne because they know the brand and how it’s perceived by others… it doesn’t matter that there are far better tasting champagnes out there. Flash over substance.

Also fun to note that they didn’t spell Canon correctly. But hey… we all make typos don’t we!


But that’s only part of what I want to talk about…

The other part is that removed the original text seen above in the screenshot and replaced it with:


What kind of equipment do you use?
Ideally, your photographer would use a readily available professional camera, Matsuura advises.



Now the article does have an “Updated on December 23, 2016” time-stamp at the top of the article in minuscule sized text… but that’s it. Nowhere does it mention what was updated and why it was updated.



I think not.


They changed a statement that was obviously silly to make but they did not inform readers that it had been changed. People have already walked away from the article thinking “my photographer should only use Nikon and Canon“. The damage has been done… and if they ever come back to the article they’re going to be completely confused by the fact that what they thought they read is no longer there.

We live in the modern world. can easily inform its readers of mistakes. It’s deliberately choosing not to… because just like with cameras and champagne… it’s all flash over substance.

I mean… I’d hate to admit that I’ve ever said something dumb. That’d be like… soooo embarrassing.



*fixed some wording and added a bit of context to the ‘full format’ statement (12/28/2016)

One thought on “Brides Magazine’s Questionable Articles and Apparently Ethics”

  1. Frankly the more i read what they said the dumber it gets…
    It’s hurting my head…
    You can get large high quality prints from APS-C cameras, brand doesn’t mean much, and ‘amateur’ and ‘professional’ cameras? Are you kidding me??? A tool is only as good as the person who wields it…

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