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Police Union Doesn’t Like a BLM T-Shirt – Sad!


Oh look… another childish attempt to stop people from saying things you don’t like…

The biggest US police union is pressing Amazon to follow Walmart and remove from third-party sale a shirt that seeks profit in relation to the Black Lives Matter protest movement.
The shirt, which carries the words “Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter”, was removed from online sale by Walmart on Thursday, after the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) said it was “offensive”



Aww… you poor things.

I mean really!!! How insane is that!

A shirt that says black lives matter???

That’s crazy man.

Just… sooooo… crazy… and offensive…

I mean it totally isn’t concerning that police officers are more interested in trying to suppress people’s constitutional right to speech than they are in trying to understand why a shirt like that even exists.



Want to read something really offensive though?

Just head over to and read all of the horribly disgusting things that police officers do on a daily basis. For people who are supposed to help keep the peace… you would think that they’d care more about actions than words. But hey… why examine your own behavior when you can blame everybody else.

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