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Where Can I Stream CSI?

where can you stream csi? not at netflix i’ll tell you that much…


CSI Streaming Availability

Amazon Prime Video - Can be streamed, must purchase first.

YouTube -  Can be streamed, must purchase first.

Google Play -  Can be streamed, must purchase first.

Hulu - Available with any subscription. Might have ads.

Netflix - Not available.


Where to watch…

Currently, you can stream CSI by buying seasons of CSI on Amazon and then streaming them to any device that has Amazon Video.

If you don’t want to watch using Amazon Video, you can also purchase every season of CSI on YouTube and on Google Play. The price to purchase CSI seems to be identical on Amazon, Youtube, and Google Play at $14.99 for the first season.

That’s a pretty expensive proposition if you want to see all the seasons of CSI though… Running at say an average price of $20 per season that would add up to a total of ~ $300.



You’re much better off just watching CSI at They have every season available to stream with a subscription.
(Hulu is annoying though, they’ll probably make you watch ads even with a subscription)


Just a FYI…

Where you won’t find CSI… is on Netflix. CSI is a CBS program and I’m pretty sure  the CSI streaming rights (and a lot of CBS programs) are exclusive to Hulu. I really don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon… so you might as well get a hulu subscription or just buy the seasons you want to watch off of Amazon.

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