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Quality Editing in the Modern World

thanks Washington Post for your hard work…


You know, The Washington Post has really graced our modern world with such wonderful quality articles… like ‘Which sports are best for your heart? The answer may surprise you!’


Amazing reporting!


I suppose it isn’t fair to be so sarcastic. I mean it is more a question of editing rather than reporting isn’t it… Yay for quality editing!




What surprises me is the people seem to accept this kind of behavior out of news companies for god knows what reason… do people really enjoy never being given straightforward content? Must all titles just be massive teases?? Can we not just have 5 seconds of ‘straight talk‘???


I can’t help but think that this kind of content strategy is either already biting media companies in the ass (maybe it’s why people are reluctant to get subscriptions) or will eventually bite them in the ass when new media sites (like my own) eventually pop up and gain popularity.


It does not make sense that consumers would continue to:

  1. Pay to be talked down to by journalists.
  2. Pay to be continually teased by titles and low quality content.
  3. Pay to be restricted, unable to comment on articles or use browser plugins or even to be able to change their address.


All of those things might work inside a BDSM relationship… but what about the relationship between consumer and media? I just doubt that so much…

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