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Donald Trump the Bigly Author – Midas Touch


Let’s have a little blast from the past!

On July 12th of 2016 Amazon had its Prime Day… they offered all kinds of steals and deals.

One of them was “Midas Touch” by Donald J. Trump and Robert T. Kiyosaki.

During Midas Touch‘s Amazon Prime Day sale it wasn’t able to move more than 0% of its copies with an hour left to go. The whole time it was on sale… 50% off… it moved 0% of the copies offered.

That gives me a good giggle.

If you’re a self published author I hope you can look at that and feel better about the box of unsold books in your basement. You don’t have a millionth of the marketing power of the cheeto yet his book did horribly in a very public sale.

Where’s that book now?

So in the six months since the Prime Day sale Midas Touch has gone back up to its original selling price of ~ $16 and has gotten a whole 15 more reviews. That’s super respectable *sarcasm alert*.

The President of the United States got at least 15 more sales in 6 months.

Writers take note… this guy is big league.

Heck… I think they even named big league chew after this guy.

Super good guy. Very good sales. Bigly respectable.

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