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Freedom to Speak Freely and Assaulting a Woman At Berkeley


Attacks on free speech come from all directions in a million and one guises.

One of them is the implicit threat of violence.

In a place where when you say something that somebody else doesn’t like you can be assaulted for it… the ability to speak freely is lost.

Sadly, an entertainer today chose to… well I suppose the fairest term would be “enjoy”… the fact that a woman was assaulted tonight at the Berkeley Milo event because she said something another person didn’t like.

The video of a person being assaulted at Berkeley

My response was one of shock.

For a person to do that to another disgusts me to my core.

For Arthur Chu though, apparently it was enjoyable…

That’s not gross at all… *sarcasm alert*

I would hope that Arthur Chu would choose to delete his tweet and find it in his heart to change his stance on assaulting other people.

But hey… that’s just my opinion.

I shouldn’t have to ask, but please don’t pepper spray me for it.



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