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Examples of Donald Trump Bashing Media Organizations


Below you will find a list of Donald Trump’s tweets / speeches / etc. that mention “the media”.

This list is not complete and may be updated at a later date.

Most screenshots are of Donald Trump’s twitter account. They include the text of the tweet in the caption of the image without the date, number of re-tweets, replies, and likes of the tweet.

Donald Trump whines about the New York Times 2/5/2017

Donald Trump whines about how New York Times and Washington Post talk about him 1/27/2017

Trump Offers Positive Reinforcement for Fox while criticizing CNN 1/24/2017

Sean Spicer Continues Trump’s Insane Narrative of Media Lying About Crowd Size 1/21/2017

Donald Trump Attempts to Mold More Distrust of Media in the Bureaucracy 1/21/2017

This tweet was in reference to Donald Trump’s rally speech at the CIA on 1/21/2017…


Source for Reuters article:

Donald Trump versus NBC 1/18/2017


Donald Trump Advertising for a Disreputable Website 1/17/2017


Donald Trump versus CNN 1/16/2017


Trump on the “dishonest media” 1/16/2017

Donald Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live 1/15/2017


Trump Blaming “the media” in General 1/15/2017

Trump Believes What Russia Says and Blames the Media 1/13/2017


Trump versus CNN Again 1/12/2017


Donald Trump Continues to Stigmatize Popular Media Companies 1/11/2017

Donald Trump Stigmatizes Popular Media Companies 1/11/2017


Donald Trump Gets Upset over Buzzfeed’s Story 1/10/2017


Trump Claims He Didn’t Mock Reporter and Says Media is Dishonest for Proving Him Wrong 1/9/2017


Donald Trump Doesn’t Like The Media Discussing the Mexico Wall Pledge 1/8/2017


Donald Trump Believes That He and His Little People Should Get as Much On Air Time as They Want 1/8/2017


Donald Trump and His Wall Again – 1/6/2017


Donald Trump Sews Distrust of Media 1/5/2017


Donald Trump Claims Media is Dishonest about Julian Assange 1/5/2017


Donald Trump Furthers Popular Distrust of Media 1/4/2017


Donald Trump Furthers Claims of Dishonest Media Without Providing Any Facts 1/4/2017


Donald Trump Promoting One Media Organization While Trashing Two Others He Doesn’t Like 12/30/2016

Donald Trump Only Wants Positive Coverage of His Charity 12/26/2016

The media did report on the gifts that they could verify. The problem was those gifts were tiny and they couldn’t find any evidence of Trump giving to the charities he said he would. See WaPo


Donald Trump Continues to Claim NBC is Dishonest 12/24/2016


Donald Trump Stigmatizes Media Companies for Reporting on Conflicts of Interest 12/15/2016


Donald Trump’s Petty Comment on Vanity Fair 12/15/2016

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