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Wednesday Night Art Story – Art Thief Has a Woops Moment

oh geeze…

A story fit for our times…

Art Thief Drove Stolen Car to Seek Pardon From Wrong Attorney General, Police Say

A PBS-loving convicted art thief who drove from Miami to suburban Washington, D.C., to ask for a presidential pardon was in custody Wednesday after he was found to be driving a stolen car, police said.

Marcus Sanford Patmon, 45, of Miami, was arrested Sunday outside a Starbucks in Arlington, Virginia, after a police license plate reader indicated that his parked vehicle had been reported as stolen, police said.

Ashley Savage, a police spokeswoman, told NBC Washington on Wednesday that Patmon “wanted to meet with Eric Holder” because “he was looking to be pardoned by the Obama administration before the Trump administration came in.”

Read the whole thing here:


Stealing art is never a good idea.

Driving a stolen car is also not a good idea.

Seeking a Presidential pardon from the wrong Attorney General is also not a good idea.


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