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Star Trek Discovery – Another Day Another Delay


Star Trek: Discovery is a weird show for me. Since the very moment I heard CBS was trying to do a Star Trek reboot I couldn’t help but be cynical.

I mean, what was there to be excited about? The Star Trek movies had devolved into space themed violence, the show was going to be used to prop up CBS’ crappy streaming service, and it was pretty clear that there was no underlying story that somebody wanted to tell… it was just about maximizing the $$$ they could get from the Star Trek franchise.

But Star Trek has a way of sucking you back in.

So I dropped my cynicism for cautious optimism.

And here we are! Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed again and will no longer premier this May!

CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery has been delayed again as the series continues casting.

The revival for the streaming platform has cast James Frain as Spock’s father, producer CBS Television Studios announced Wednesday, as sources confirm that the show’s planned May debut has been pushed.

“Production on Star Trek: Discovery begins next week. We love the cast, the scripts and are excited about the world the producers have created,” reps for CBS All Access said in a statement.


Yeah okayyy… my cynicism is back.

How have they not finished casting yet?
Is there even a story line??
Is that the problem, nobody finished up the story line till just now so you didn’t even know what parts you needed to cast???

CBS needs to get its act together (they seem to be)… I’m not sure Star Trek fans are turned on by gaslighting… CBS might lose their interest before they even air the first episode.

One thought on “Star Trek Discovery – Another Day Another Delay

  1. Uh also… as a side note… what’s the acronym for Star Trek Discovery going to be?
    Because going by previous acronyms… it’d be STD… which is really unfortunate…

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